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The Yellow Van of Happiness - Commer Coffee

It’s almost inconceivable that Daisy, the bright yellow van and home of Commer Coffee, has only been in our community since November 2020. It’s become the most welcome of sights for so many people now, that they actively go out of their way to pay Daisy a visit.

While her sunshine exterior may be the first thing people notice when she’s at home in the Royal Oak car park in West Molesey, customers most definitely return for the amazing coffee, cakes and other offerings served up by Daisy’s friendly and knowledgeable owner Lucy Hope.

Commer Coffee may have come to life as a business in 2020, but the idea of a career in coffee had come to Lucy in 2017, long before lockdown. She was so passionate about the concept that she took on a barista role while also working full-time, to gain experience before launching her own sustainable and ethical business.

“I was working at the BBC Studios at the time, and there was a little coffee shop below. I’d put in a shift before my day job, to get some hours and experience in and then take off my apron at 9.30 and head upstairs to the office,” she explains. “Some of my colleagues looked very confused when they came in for their early morning caffeine!”

As life changed, Covid appeared and we all got used to a different normal, Lucy’s dreams to start her own business were progressing. She’d already found Daisy but lockdown put a spanner in the initial collection arrangements and refurbishment works. Looking back, she says, this enforced pause was a blessing as it gave her some uninterrupted time with her family as the world came to terms with an entirely different way of living.

However, it wasn’t too long before restrictions allowed for Lucy’s plans to progress, and with the help of the team at the Royal Oak - she also found a fantastic pitch and a place to open. “They’ve been absolutely great,” she enthuses about the pub’s management. “They were just so kind and made it so easy after I’d struggled with other negotiations.”

Community collaborations like this one is a large part of what Lucy does. She stocks beautiful bakes from the talented AK Artisan (a friend she met at NCT classes) and regularly champions other local products and small makers on her van and on instagram too. Recently she’s been spreading the word about the pop up grocers from Styles Fruit and Veg, who have quite literally been setting up their stall next to her.

Lucy says that she loves the local community spirit in the area. “I see so many regular faces now and there’s such an incredible and supportive small business community in Molesey. It’s wonderful to be part of that.”

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