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Tasty takeaways on your doorstep

Sometimes meal preparation and clearing away the aftermath can feel never ending. Never fear! The Court Circular taste testers are here, and ready to offer alternative suggestions.

Who doesn’t love to have a meal cooked for them? Having a super tasty supper arrive at your door can be such a mood-changer after a long day in lockdown, especially when you’re grappling with homeworking, homeschooling or being homebound.

Team Court Circular have started a series of ‘Saturday Shout Outs’ across our social media, to find out what’s finger-lickin’ good and highly recommended in the local area.

Vais Kitchen

A family run business established so they could share their love of food, especially Indian Fusion, with the local community.

Court Circular community recommendation

“The okra fries, kodumpuli chemmeen and smoked tamarind are unreal!”

Offering takeaways and deliveries Wednesday - Sunday.


The team behind L’ Affamato are passionate about food, and you can taste it in every single mouthful.

Court Circular community recommendation

“Flavoursome pizza and pasta dishes that bring comfort and so much pleasure. My regular go-to when I need a pick me up!”

For pick up and delivery. Visit to find out more.

Le Petit Nantais

Another amazing family run restaurant, in the heart of Hampton Court. Offering beautiful French cooking with the finest and freshest ingredients, their takeaway menu changes regularly and is mouthwatering. We love the sound of lobster and shellfish mac and cheese…

Court Circular community recommendation

“We’ve ordered Sunday lunch from Le Petit Nantais. The last one we had was amazing, packaged beautifully and full instructions for reheating everything.”

Find out more and pre-order at

Mezzet Restaurant

The very best in lebanese gastronomy here in the Court. Mezzet are open for takeaway 7-days a week and offer amazing morsels and big feasts alike.

Court Circular community recommendation

“Delicious!” Particularly the tabbouleh and the calamari.”

Check out the menu at


Whatever tickles your taste buds, we’d love you to consider ordering from the Court’s huge selection of small independent restaurants. It makes a huge difference to them.

If you have other local restaurant recommendations, we’d love to hear them! Please pop across to our instagram account to share.


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