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Stay home, stay safe and craft!

Made in Molesey is an adult's maker group, a community where participants craft, chat and share their projects. Long time member Sally shares her reflections on how their creative space took shape and the change brought about in the past year.

Made in Molesey member Sally and I talk in the days before Christmas over Instagram Chat. We’re pretty pleased with our technological prowess having never used it before, but we’re both Zoomed out, my mobile signal is terrible, and it appeared to be the perfect way to natter.

It somehow seems fitting that our conversation about crafting and community starts with technology, as Made in Molesey has moved from a room in St Mary’s Church, East Molesey to the virtual world, thanks to the events of 2020. While the method of meeting may be temporarily different, the founding mission of the group is the same; to bring people together, share the joy of crafting and making beautiful things while improving mental health and wellness along the way.

Made in Molesey was established at St Mary’s in 2018 but started some time before that, in Sally’s kitchen with a group of friends who loved to combine crafting with meeting up. Soon, Sally says, more people wanted to join in and, seeing the positive benefits of crafting and chatting, the Made in Molesey group was created.

“Some people make incredibly exquisite pieces but most of us are just learning or trying things and carving out time to be creative outside of our day to do routines”

Sally is keen to point out that she’s no crafting expert however, and anyone thinking of joining the group shouldn’t expect that they have to be either. “There’s such a wide range of abilities at Made in Molesey gatherings,” she explains. “Some people make incredibly exquisite pieces but most of us are just learning or trying things and carving out time to be creative outside of our day-to-day routines.”

During our video call Sally shows me a wreath of roses she’s made from the pages of an old book, matching Christmas bunting and tiny parcels created from paper and foil that adorn her tree. I show her my wonky wreath, crammed with rosemary and bay leaves from the garden and a smattering of berries bought from my local florist Lily Blossom. I’m having a lovely time chatting with her, even though we’ve just virtually met, and I start to get a feel for what Made in Molesey evenings might be like.

“I have to say that I prefer it when we can all meet in person,” Sally confesses. “You can really see what people are creating then and move around the tables. At 9pm we all stop and have a look at what each other are doing, ask questions and share tips.”

“But the online sessions have benefits too,” she reflects. “It’s sometimes easier to join in from the comfort of your own home, especially in the winter. There’s just something lovely about hearing others chatting as you’re crafting, or even just working in a companionable silence together.”

For now, the online sessions will continue until Covid restrictions lift and Sally continues to champion the positive nature of creating in tough times. “It’s something positive we can do, and by remaining indoors and keeping busy, we’re protecting ourselves and others. So please, stay home, stay safe and craft!”


If you’d like to join in email for more information and visit and @moleseymakers on Facebook

Made in Molesey takes place on the second Friday of every month: 12 February, 12 March, 9 April & 14 May.


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