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Molesey’s local butcher for over 25 years

As many of us are, I’m an enthusiastic local dog-walker for its fabulous physical exercise, mental health benefits and the opportunity to watch the passing of the seasons with friends before the business of the day really begins. By fortunate coincidence traditional butchers also keep matching business hours for this early morning ritual, by which I mean roughly 7.30am. After a few miles around Home Park my ritual demands of me a visit to PJ Dale in Hampton Court for a quick chat and to pick up some excellent quality meat.

Emigrating from North London’s cold anonymity over 5 years ago, PJ Dale was one of my first and now enduring experiences of the wonderful local community we have. The produce quality is truly excellent but so is the personal and friendly service. If you want it and the team can do it, they will. A measure of this generosity of spirit is that so many people are always popping their heads around the door to say “Hello!” and they are always diving out from behind the counter to the street to have a natter with their contented, loyal customers; of which I am very happy to say I am one.

— Written by a regular customer


Peter J Dale Family Butchers, 27 Bridge Rd, East Molesey


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