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Market Comment from Miles & Bird

We love Miles & Bird at The Court Circular. Not only have they advertised in the first issue, making a vital contribution to our print costs, but they serve our community with kindness and integrity. That's why we wanted Andrew Miles to provide our very first Court Circular Market Comment.

With over 40 years of shared estate agency experience covering Surrey, Middlesex and South West London, husband and wife team Andrew Miles and Naz Bird bring their wealth of property knowledge to our area. Here, to coincide with our first issue, Andrew answers a few questions...

How long have you been in the industry? In sporting terms, the year after next will be my third testimonial - that's 28 and half years to be precise!  Where is your favourite place in the area?  Bushy Park for the sheer beauty, and its historical connections.  Taking a lovely seasonal walk in Bushy is something I will never tire of.

  What has been your most memorable sale?  A few years back I sold a rather intriguing coach house in Teddington with self-contained artist's studio. I'll never forget the purchasers' arrival for the viewing in a black London cab, straight from the Chelsea Arts Club.  In terms of a current offering, please refer to the back page of the first issue of your publication - Orme House in Hampton.       Thoughts on the current property market?

Work patterns are changing and Londoners are moving further out of town to gain gardens and to provide their own work from home space.  Personal living arrangements are also being reprioritised.  In addition, Rishi Sunak's Stamp Duty Holiday is an incredibly welcome intervention, one that has enticed many buyers and sellers to the market and continues to do so; a tax break for everyone provided your purchase completes by the end of March 2021.   Advice for marketing a property? 

Consider the first and last impressions of the viewer.  If you are successful in marrying these components, together with the combination of a skilled property professional, it will almost certainly end favourably. 

Find out more at Miles & Bird.


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