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Gather around the new magazine...

Community spirit is precious and makes a real difference. The Court Circular team truly believe this is one of the more positive life lessons we can all take from the events of 2020.

Whether we’ve smiled at previously unknown neighbours while clapping for our outstanding carers, contributed to the plethora of street-based WhatsApp discussions, shopped for others, or reimagined our business to support those in need – our collective focus has been brought back to our immediate community and how we can help out.

The Court Circular is a result of this renewed sense of community-mindedness. We’ve seen the power of people connecting and looking out for each other. We want to keep that going, growing and extending out to all the organisations and small independent businesses that exist around us.

Our first edition is the beginning of something bigger, we hope, and a regular overview of all that’s good about the area we collectively call home. Our inaugural issue focuses on the festive period, the amazing talent and creativity within our community and how you can play a huge role in keeping our local shops and organisations afloat, as you make seasonal purchases and social plans.

We really hope you enjoy reading The Court Circular.

A big thank you to Surrey County Council for part funding the printing of Issue 1, through the Members' Community Allocation.


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